Barrette for Wisconsin is deeply humbled by the good customer reviews we receive from our satisfied customers. Please rest assured that whatever comments and feedback you leave with us, we do not censor it unless there were profanities and foul words included.  

For your feedback, just post it below. They are greatly appreciated as they are being used to further improve our business. 

“There is no place like Barrette for Wisconsin. They have the best possible barrettes that are not available elsewhere. All of these come with different colors and designs that you can wear every day. Plus, their products are extremely affordable. No guilt feelings no matter how many you buy.” – Marcia B 

“I went to the Barrette for Wisconsin to buy some barrettes for my sisters for Christmas. I specifically bought some Santa Claus and reindeer designed ones that my sisters really loved. In fact, starting with my first gift to them, Barrette for Wisconsin has now become their favorite hair accessory store. We never looked for anything else because this store already has it all.” – Beni Sy 

“I love this store so much because they have so many barrettes to choose from. They have those luxurious ones that I love to use during evening parties with my hubby. However, the most favorite barrette so far was that with different rhinestones and Swarovski crystals on it. It was very artistically made that it looked more like a very beautiful artwork. Thus, wearing it really attention catching. Whenever I wear it with my friends, they immediately gravitate towards it to ask where I got it from. I’ve never been any happier for my great finds from this store.” – Zely B 

“All the barrettes at this place are skilfully made. I haven’t found any place that creates hair accessories better than this store.” – Mitch L