Barrette for Wisconsin is not your typical barrette and hair accessory store. Founded in 2005 by the fashionista sisters Leticia and Belinda Rogers, this store since then have built its own name in the industry of fashion and accessory.  

Who’d not recognize the intricate designs incorporated in each piece of the barrette and hair accessories they sell? At present, if you are into high fashion and new trends, definitely not you. The complicated twist and turns of their products definitely have their insignia all over it. They are gifted with a good taste in designing that both decided to pursue it as a career. 

Leticia and Belinda are both graduates of fine arts. While Letty loves to create beautiful paintings through her hands, Belinda, on the other hand, loves to play with malleable and bendable pieces of metals. Using their own unique materials, they manage to build artworks that are not only appreciated due to their uniqueness and beauty but are sold at a high price to art enthusiasts and critiques around the world. 

It was in early 2000 when they thought of merging both their skills. At first, it was just an honest to goodness centerpiece which was proudly displayed at their childhood home in West Virginia. From there, brooches are created as gifts to their favorite aunts and relatives. Because of the high commendations they receive, they begin to translate this into a business opportunity for both of them. They begin to create many fashion materials that were appreciated world over. 

Five years after they decided to focus on hair care and hair accessories starting with handcrafted barrettes. It had been successful and since its founding has garnered many supporters and customers.  

To date, there are now more than 4 physical stores built to accommodate its growing number of customers.